SCF player

Seam to curl to flat is the acronym used for this safety in a spin and invert situation, zone blitz.  It is highly used in a cover three and a cover one look. today we will focus on a zone blitz concept.  The safety normally replaces a blitzing LB and now becomes a SCF player.  His job is to collision #2 to ensure that a seam route cannot be thrown right now.  He now becomes curl to flat.  That is the progression, seam to curl to flat.  Please remember, the flat player always runs with the wheel so, if #2 run wheel the SCF player takes that route.  He wants to slow play the immediate outcut by #2 as he can rob all incuts by #1.  Again,  if he sees wheel, he has to go right now!  Against run, he now becomes an alley player and forces all outside runs back to his pursuit. 

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