Coaching at Pick 6 Academy is more than sports.  We look to instill the human qualities in our student athletes that make them positive contributors to society long after the career in sports is done.

Training/College placement

Some say our training is  unorthodox some say its original.  At Pick 6 Academy we just say that it works.  We provide a hardworking edge, we just call it effective.

Our college placement program is designed with one goal in mind: to help our players realize their dream of playing college football.  We bring a wealth of experience regarding the recruiting process for all levels of college football. Our services will give you the information you need to approach the recruiting landscape; from discussions around college camps, dead,evaluation, quiet periods and communicating with coaches  We  consider this your one stop shop for all things in the college recruiting process.


All Coaches of young men are considered role models.  The coaches at Pick 6 Academy understand that these young men look up to us.  We work hard to ensure they turn out to be good men on and off the field.