Youth Combine

Youth Combine

We are hosting a youth combine on 12/29 for 10U-14U.  We will have live coverage, sponsored drinks by Kra, combine testing, individual drills and 1 on 1s to finish!  High School coaches will be in attendance.  Register now!  We are working with Youth1 for rankings of the student athletes and hope to firm their attendance in the very near future.  More to come…

2 thoughts on “Youth Combine

  1. LaTria Rogers says:

    Good afternoon (:
    Can you register online? If so, what the link or web site???? Will there be on site registration???
    Football mom LGR (:

    • John Panker says:

      Good evening,
      I did send you an e-mail. You can register on the website under the training packages icon. The website should have a pop up once you go to the home page for registration. There will be very limited on site registration if at all. We are only taking 200 entrants. Youth1 will be doing the testing and high school coaches will be conducting the drills and one on ones! Other high school coaches will be there to assist as well. We will have a live broadcast as well with interviews with student athletes and kids. It will be a fun event with a lot of information. We will also have a seminar on the admissions process for high school as well. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns

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